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Cochin University of Science and Technology’s and King Mongkut‘s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang’s student internships started on May 15th and June 5th at the Yamagata University Faculty of Engineering.

      Recently we welcomed eight short-term visiting trainees from our sister universities; three from Cochin ...

5/24 37th Share Your Experiences!「Travel×Reserchers」

  We held the 37th Share Your Experiences presentation on Thursday, May 24. We had presentations from one of o...

5/23 「Yamagata ↔ World Explanation and Introduction Meeting with Yamagata University Students」

  Yamagata university students held an explanation and introduction meeting on Wednesday, May 23.  

5/8 36th Share Your Experiences!

    Professor Milano gave us a presentation about his home country of Italy.

4/26 35th Share Your Experiences YU Students from overseas programs shared their experiences.


4/6 We held an orientation for new international students.

    Welcome to Yamagata University! We held an orientation for new international students on April 6th (Fri). ...

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